Open Source Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) 

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Xplico conferences and demo

Tomorrow 10 March Carlos Gacimartín, of Xplico team, will hold a conference and a demo of Xplico in Madrid.
Anyone wishing to attend the conference is invited to:

Room 1.1.F01
University Carlos III
Avda. Universidad 30, Leganés
Madrid, Spain
At 16:00

Update: Slides.


With pleasure we announce that Xplico is officially included in BackTrack repository.
Thanks to everyone and in particular to the team of BackTrack.

Xplico version 0.5.5: WebMail

In this version:

  • migrating to SQLite3
  • telnet dissector
  • webmail dissector
  • webmail manipulator: Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail (all without attachments)
  • Improved LLC dissector
  • Improved XI
  • script to check new release (only in source code)

Hotmail (Live) depends on the language. Currently the languages supported are Italian and English.
Any feedback are welcome: forum.

You can download VirtualBox image, source code and Ubuntu 9.10 package here.

Forensic challenges

Currently there are at least 2 Forensic challenges in which Xplico can be used and can facilitate the analysis. These two challenges are:

We do not answer the questions, here we will give some indication of use of Xplico.

The “Ann’s AppleTV” pcap file has no particular problems of decoding, in fact if you process the pcap you obtain the data represented in the  two pictures below.

For the “Forensic Challenge 2010 – pcap attack trace” pcap  decoding requires more attention. In fact this pcap file has corrupted packet  (and not retransmitted), so you must disable the Xplico checksum verification (HowTo).

From cli the command is:

./xplico -c config/xplico_cli_nc.cfg -m pcap -f attack-trace.pcap

Since Xplico is able to recognize the protocols (not all) even if they use non-standard ports is easy to see what protocol was used and which data file was downloaded.
In the figure below there is the result of decoding with XI.

Enjoy ;).

Xplico version 0.5.4: Facebook Chat

This version of Xplico introduce new and important features:

  • Facebook web chat dissector
  • New XI based on CakePHP 1.2.5
  • New representation of images
  • For each image you can see (with the proxy enabled) the page where the image is contained
  • WLAN and LLC basic dissectors
  • HTTP dissector Improvements

You can download source code, Ubuntu 9.10 package and image here.

Xplico version 0.5.3 and DEFT Vx5

You can find this release in DEFT Vx5 Linux distribution.
You can download source code, Ubuntu 9.10 package and image here.

This version of Xplico introduce many new features:


  • snoop Packet Capture File Format as input file
  • DNS dissector with graphical representation in Xplico Interface (XI)
  • NNTP dissector
  • PPPOE dissector
  • direct live acquisition from XI
  • new dispatcher named CLI: this dispatcher organize the data extracted in a tree as this:

  • default  CLI dispatcher in command line execution
  • file extension for the HTTP contents

We have to thank:

Enjoy ;).

VirtualBox Image of Debian 5.0 with Xplico

At SourceForge there is a image of Debian 5.0 with Xplico 0.5.2 installed and running. It is a smart way for testing this software without altering your environment. It is just download and begin to test Xplico. You can use Xplico to decode traffic in console or via web, uploading your own traffic pcap files. Click here to download it.

Thanks to Carlos Gacimartín.

Forum and Wiki



Forum and Wiki

For some time we have in mind to make available a Wiki that contains the documentation of Xplico. Soon the new Wiki will be available, even if initially it will not have much contents.

Merit and initiative of Carlos Gacimartín also a Forum will be opened. Thanks to Carlos, who has offered to maintain and administer the Forum, the Forum will allow participants to share: suggestions, use and problems concerning Xplico.
In the website of Carlos you can find also a useful help for the problem of installing the package .deb for Ubuntu 9.04.

Live Wep sniffing video tutorial

Bricowifi has created two video tutorials. One of them explains how to perform a live capture (and decoding) of wep traffic.
The videos can be found here.
He also made a tutorial describing step by step installation of Xplico. The tutorial is in French but it is very clear.

Many thanks to Bricowifi.