Open Source Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) 

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Xplico 0.6.1: MSN and Paltalk

In this version new dissectors, new features and obviously many bugfix:

  • Paltalk chat dissector
  • MSN dissector (beta basic version)
  • XI Cookie hijacking
  • XI pagination for Images and Web
  • XI XSS fixed
  • XI bugfix

We thank:

You can found Xplico 0.6.1 in DEFT Linux 6 and you can download image, source code and Ubuntu 10.10 package here.

Enjoy ūüėČ

Xplico 0.6.0: IRC and Paltalk Express

In this version there are bugfix, dissectors improvements and new features:

  • XI configuration pages
  • XI administator pages
  • XI multi-user
  • IRC dissector
  • ARP/RAP dissector
  • radiotap dissector
  • GeoMap latitude and longitude selectable from XI
  • CLI decoding directory (xdecode) selectable
  • Telent dissector with PIPI
  • Paltalk Express dissector and aggregator (basic version)
  • sftp/scp pcap files upload

Any feedback is welcome.

You can download source code and Ubuntu 10.04 package here.

Enjoy ;).

Xplico version 0.5.8: Improvements and bug fix

This version brings some improvements and fixes some bugs too serious.

  • RTP, FTP, Telnet, SIP dissectors improvements
  • RTP bug fix
  • Xplico Interface XSS Vulnerability fixed
  • Xplico Interface updated to CakePHP 1.2.7
  • new tool named trigcap to manage pcap
  • new version (0.63) of videosnarf

We thank:

  • Maximiliano Soler from Security-Database and Marcos Garcia from Zero Science Lab for finding the vulnerability (XSS) and for helping us.
  • Alex Ant√£o for having supported us in finding a bug in RTP

You can download image, source code and Ubuntu 10.04 package here.

Enjoy ;).

Xplico 0.5.7: VoIP tapping and phone numbers

This release introduces improvements in the SIP and RTP dissectors.
In this version was also added the RTCP dissector, with this dissector Xplico is able to obtain the phone numbers of the caller and called party (obviously only if present in the RTCP packets).

DEFT 5.1 Live distribution contains this version.

You can download source code and Ubuntu 10.04 package here.

Enjoy ;).

Xplico version 0.5.6: VoIP (SIP & RTP)

In this version there are new and important features:

  • HTTP reconstruction file. ie: files downloaded with tools like DownThemAll
  • undecodec UDP and TCP “stream” with textual content
  • RTP dissector
  • SIP dissector
  • SDP dissector
  • Improved XI
  • many bugfix

This version of the SIP and RTP dissectors is not optimal. The (media) contents currently decoded have the following characteristics (limitations) :

  • only audio
  • audio codec: G711ulaw, G711alaw, G722, G729, G723 and G726
  • only static RTP payload type

We have to thank:

You can download image, source code and Ubuntu 9.10 package here.

Enjoy ;).

Xplico version 0.5.5: WebMail

In this version:

  • migrating to SQLite3
  • telnet dissector
  • webmail dissector
  • webmail manipulator: Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail (all without attachments)
  • Improved LLC dissector
  • Improved XI
  • script to check new release (only in source code)

Hotmail (Live) depends on the language. Currently the languages supported are Italian and English.
Any feedback are welcome: forum.

You can download VirtualBox image, source code and Ubuntu 9.10 package here.

Xplico version 0.5.4: Facebook Chat

This version of Xplico introduce new and important features:

  • Facebook web chat dissector
  • New XI based on CakePHP 1.2.5
  • New representation of images
  • For each image you can see (with the proxy enabled) the page where the image is contained
  • WLAN and LLC basic dissectors
  • HTTP dissector Improvements

You can download source code, Ubuntu 9.10 package and image here.

Xplico version 0.5.3 and DEFT Vx5

You can find this release in DEFT Vx5 Linux distribution.
You can download source code, Ubuntu 9.10 package and image here.

This version of Xplico introduce many new features:


  • snoop Packet Capture File Format as input file
  • DNS dissector with graphical representation in Xplico Interface (XI)
  • NNTP dissector
  • PPPOE dissector
  • direct live acquisition from XI
  • new dispatcher named CLI: this dispatcher organize the data extracted in a tree as this:

  • default¬† CLI dispatcher in command line execution
  • file extension for the HTTP contents

We have to thank:

Enjoy ;).

Xplico version 0.5.2

This version of Xplico and especially of Xplico Interface (web user interface) introduce many new features.
Xplico :

  • dissectors: Ethernet, pcap, ipv4, ipv6, ppp, sll, tcp (2 type), udp, dns, ftp, http,¬† icmp, imap, ipp, mms, pjl (Printer Job Language), pop, sdp, smtp, tftp, l2tp (instable), vlan (instable)
  • reverse dns using only the DNS traffic in the PCAP file
  • geographical and temporal map of the connections decoded (The local IP are mapped in Venezia)
  • improvements of the regeneration of web pages.

Xplico Interface:

  • new look (screenshot)
  • summary of the data decoded
  • source host selectablly
  • visualization (with Wireshark) of all packets and flows that compose the content extracted/reconstructed
  • usable from any PC on the network (see install)
  • improvements email visualization, (downloadable attachments)
  • feed list. Feed reader (RSS and Atom)
  • MMS contents visualization
  • improvement of research content
  • improvements of the regeneration of web pages

MMS and GeoMap version

This release introduce the MMS dissector. With this dissector it is possible to reconstruct the MMS message transported by HTTP protocol and extracts the media contained. With the new release of  Web interface it is possible to view photos, texts and videos contained in MMS messages.

In this release of Xplico we have introduced the generations of geographical and temporal map of data rebuilding by Xplico. This feature named GeoMap can be used both with console mode and Web interface. The files generated by GeoMap are kml files an can be used with Google Earth. To allow the visualization of the connections whose source is a private IP address, we have decided that the private IP address are located  in Venice (this is a temporary solution).

We have to thank:

An example of MMS over HTTP you can find here.This pcap was generated with Cap’r Makr’ and with the mms of Flavio Poletti.

Any bug reports or suggestions are welcome.